Primary Care Membership

The practice of good medicine involves more than writing a prescription. As your trusted ally, I want to empower you to make informed choices to truly take charge of your health.

Learning how to implement healthy lifestyle habits is fundamental to your health and disease prevention. 

Your membership includes all Primary Care services provided in our office*:

  • Comprehensive annual physical
  • Women’s Health — including pap smear and menopause counseling
  • Men’s Health — including metabolic syndrome
  • Acute and urgent issues
  • Chronic disease conditions
  • Assessments for Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Mood and Wellbeing
  • Minor in-office medical procedures
  • Dermatology cancer screening
  • In-office tests (Strep, Flu, UTI, pregnancy, A1C), EKG
  • Sexual health screen
  • Health Coaching — Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep, Hydration, Stress, and Smoking cessation
  • Medication review and minimized use
  • Referral coordination to specialists and alternative providers
  • Immunizations

*For non-Medicare patients age 16 and up, not including COVID testing/vaccines. For Medicare patients – membership fee is for all non-covered services.

+ Healthy, Sustainable Weight Loss — 12-Week Intensive

The Enlightenment Program adds to your primary care membership a tailored and healthy weight loss method. During in-depth consultations with me, you will receive highly personalized advice on nutrition and fitness — and we can explore the behaviors and barriers to achieving your weight goals.

Just as importantly, you’ll learn how to adopt healthy lifestyle practices. I can teach you how moving to a whole food plant-based diet can also reverse heart disease and diabetes and lower your risk of cancer.

In addition to your Primary Care membership, this 12-week program also includes:

A scientific and individualized approach

  • Comprehensive metabolic testing
  • Body composition analysis
  • Resting metabolic rate testing
  • Pharmacologic obesity treatment and monitoring
  • Detailed nutrition assessment and coaching

Exploring barriers to achieving your weight goals

Each person’s weight loss journey is unique. You will encounter hurdles along the way, so we will explore each one and together develop practical solutions to overcoming them.

Some common challenges people experience include:

  • Lack of time to prepare healthy meals or exercise due to family or work commitments
  • Lack of family or friend support
  • Feeling down or stressed out
  • Unhealthy meal choices with family and social gatherings

Learning and adopting healthy lifestyle practices

  • How to plan & cook healthy meals, with a whole food plant-based focus
  • Shop smarter at grocery stores
  • Improve the health of your pantry
  • Learn new recipes and ingredients for healthy eating 
  • Ongoing counseling for eating behaviors and exercise 
  • Support groups & education (members only Facebook group, group meetings and monthly webinars)

Extras also included at Clarity Health & Wellness

Walking program — Walk With A Doc™

Enjoy this free ongoing program to improve your health through fitness and exercise. The benefits of exercise are endless and the sense of community will help you stay motivated! (See our Calendar for upcoming dates.)

Cooking demos and classes – virtual during COVID 

Online healthy cooking course 

Refer to Culinary Rx course online instructional cooking course.

You may add the Healthy Weight Loss Enlightenment Program whenever you feel the need for new balance in your health and lifestyle goals.