Dr. Maryam Salehpour is a great doctor. Very easy to talk to, compassionate, engaged and very helpful.

N. K.  [from]

I am pretty healthy and usually only see my doctor for physicals. But this year I am extremely happy that Dr. Salehpour is my doctor. During the Covid-19 pandemic most doctors refused to see patients in person, and communicate with them online or by phone. After I had been diagnosed with Covid-19 I had a medical matter and wanted to be seen by a medical professional. Dr. Maryam Salehpour saw me in person, I never felt that I was not welcome because I previously had Covid-19 and could have been contagious. She addressed my concerns immediately, referred me to a specialist and I received great care during this crazy time. That’s what it means to be treated by a real professional, a doctor who takes responsibility for patients’ health! 

L.V.  [from]

Dr. Maryam Salehpour is our professional who has cared for my family for 6 years. She has been with our family through surgeries and Covid-19, which was the hardest thing. She has been with me always. Thank God, and God bless you Dr. Salehpour.

Sonia Alvarado  [from]

Unfortunately, Dr. Maryam Salehpour is no longer my primary care doctor. She is an excellent professional. I wish she could remain my doctor and I feel privileged to be her patient. Successes for her on her new adventure.

Julio Perdomo [from]

Dr. Salehpour has been my family’s doctor for about 5 years. She is wonderful and always available when I or someone in my family needed an appointment to see her. I recommend her to be your family doctor.

C.C [from]