NYC’s elite restaurant, Eleven Madison Park goes totally plant-based.

“This past year, the world has changed, and so have we.”

Daniel Humm, Chef-Owner of Eleven Madison Park

Winner of three Michelin stars, it is one of the highest profile names to cease serving animal-based products. Dishes such as lavender honey glazed duck or butter poached lobster will no longer be a hallmark of its menu. Instead, they will now offer an eight to ten course menu featuring vegetables from both the earth and the sea, as well as a variety of fruits, legumes, fungi, grains, and more. They will be infused with flavorful vegetable broths and stocks, and plant-based milks, butters, and cream.

The chef-owner, Daniel Humm, stated in a letter posted to the restaurant website, “This past year, the world has changed, and so have we.” Also remarking that, “the modern food system is simply not sustainable.”

There is no doubt that there has been a surge in demand for healthy, whole foods secondary to the Covid-19 pandemic. While I welcome the news of an establishment of this caliber making the leap towards a healthier menu both for its patrons and the environment, it is my wish that good quality healthy food is accessible to everyone.

According to The Good Food Institute, the three most important factors that influence a consumer’s food choices are taste, price, and convenience. Therefore, we need more mainstream restaurants to embrace plant-based dining so it is not perceived as a luxury only the rich can afford. We should all be able to reap the benefits of plant-based nutrition.

Eleven Madison Park, NYC.